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Happy new year

Posted On: 10/01/2014

Published: 10/01/2014

Happy new year! - pass the fruit!

Who can actually believe that it is now January 2014? When did that happen??

It was lovely to have two weeks away from work, but now we’re all back it’s all systems are go and everything is back in full swing (no time for gentle readjustment here!)

I hope it isn’t just me who gorged on chocolate and wine through the festivities and now I’m thinking it’s that time to start being good again (unfortunately I still have a lot of chocolate and wine left, so I can’t start yet?) The other problem is I feel like I need to be healthier and eat more fruit, but that has an impact on my teeth too! I feel like it is a lose lose situation all round… maybe I should just stick to chocolate and hope for the best.

In all honesty though, before the holidays I saw an article saying that although oranges are bad for your teeth because of the acidity, they are also good for your teeth because the vitamin C is good for the gums, and the chewing promotes saliva flow which is a good all rounder!

So, now I am at a loss as to whether to eat the tangerine that came in my stocking (actually I got two this year - I was that good!)

To fruit or not to fruit, that’s the question and the problem and potentially the answer too.

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