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Countdown to Christmas

Posted On: 21/11/2013

Published: 21/11/2013

When working on a monthly magazine, you are constantly working ahead of time, so for me, it’s been December for a while! And with the December issue of The Dentist beginning to get wrapped up, I’m now in a Christmassy mood!

Usually I reserve my inner Xmas spirit for December 1st, and I detest hearing Christmas songs until that point, but I have to say after popping to the shops yesterday, I was quite happy to hear Mariah belting out “All I want for xmas” it prompted me to go out and buy not one, but two advent calenders! (this may be down to greed rather than Christmas spirit, but that’s not something to get caught up on!)

I know people that start feeling Christmassy the moment Halloween is over, and I also know people who don’t put their tree up until December 24th, but the question is, When is the right time to feel Christmassy? Is there too early or too late? Can you actually pinpoint “the most wonderful time of the year”?

Who knows, I’m just happy my Christmas shopping is nearly done!
Santa Claus is coming to town!

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