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The final hurdle

Posted On: 01/10/2013

Published: 01/10/2013

We’re now into the final week of the Vic-Tri challenge and I have to admit that it has definitely been challenging!

We already started out with less than a full team of 10 (with just seven members) and to lose a member half way through made it all the harder!

For those who don’t know, Eddie, the editor of The Dentist broke his foot at the end of August rendering him useless to the cause! It meant I (Charlotte) had to step the game up by joining the local gym! Here things are easier and I can even have a read of my kindle while accumulating the miles on the exercise bike!

Dan has also been working harder (thanks to my constant nagging) and been going on regular runs! Dare I say it but we may EVEN actually complete it on time!
Please don’t hesitate to sponsor all our hard word for Bridge2Aid 

Thank you from Team GWP! 

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