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Half way

Posted On: 26/07/2013

Published: 26/07/2013

So at the end of this week we will be half way through the Vic-Tri challenge!
I can’t believe we’ve been doing it for eight weeks! but I have to be honest, the last two weeks I’ve had to do long walks instead of going for runs because it’s so HOT!

More problems have cropped up in terms of holidays! Dan has been away in Mexico the last two weeks, Eddie is currently away, and then Andy and I go next week! (though we are taking running shoes).

We are currently about 100 miles behind target, although I still need to chase up a few people on the miles they have done the last few weeks so hopefully it won’t be too far behind!

Once I’m back from Holiday (in mid August) it’s going to get serious! And I’m hoping a few others will agree! I think I need to convince Eddie to buy a bike! Any help with that would be greatly appreciated!

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