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Office of Chief Dental Officer launches initiative to promote dental checks for young children

Published: 9/24/2018 12:00:00 AM

In support of the BSPD’s #DCby1 (Dental Check by One) Campaign, dentists are being encouraged to remind parents that NHS dental checks for children are free in England, with the recommendation bring to get all babies into the dentist’s chair before their first birthday.

This September, the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, England has created new attention grabbing public awareness posters using a ‘Little Monsters’ theme. This is in support of BSPD’s   DCby1 campaign. Bickiepegs Healthcare, experts in baby oral health for over 90 years,  have joined with the OCDO team to print and distribute 500 posters to dental practices in the South of England.

Dental Practices have received a resource pack including the poster, which can go up on noticeboards and reminds parents and carers that the NHS provides free dental checks for all children.

DCby1 is a BSPD campaign, endorsed by the Chief Dental Officer, England,  to encourage all babies to have their first dental check-up before their first birthday.  The latest figures released at the end of 2017 by NHS Digital show that tooth decay is the most common reason for children between the ages of five and nine being admitted to hospital, with 25,923 cases within this age group in 2016-17, a figure up from the previous year.

Sara Hurley, CDO, England, commented, “It is important to educate parents and carers that the NHS offers free dental checks for all children. Through awareness and education we can start to minimise the number of children suffering unnecessarily from tooth decay.”

Chris Blincoe, director at Bickiepegs Healthcare, added, “We are delighted to support the OCDO initiative and believe that the attention-grabbing monster design will get noticed by both parents and children and encourage earlier and more frequent dentist visits.”

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