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Experts gather to give advice on how to bounceback

Published: 5/19/2020 12:00:00 AM

Software of Excellence, a Henry Schein One brand and an expert in dental software, has announced it will host a new online event to be held on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th May 2020 - the Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival.

The UK dental profession is well aware that when practices re-open, the dental environment and its processes and treatments will look very different from the normality they are used to. From patient communication and the need for reassurance, through PPE provision and alternatives to aerosol generating procedures, dentists and their teams will have to learn to navigate a new way of working.

The Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival will provide a forum during which dental professionals will be able to consider the challenges they face, taking advice from leading experts about how to navigate COVID-19, and prepare for the future. Through a series of bite-sized webinars, those registered will be offered proactive training, scenario planning, and the opportunity to share ideas in the crucial areas of patient communication, business and financial management, team development and human resources, the new contactless patient journey, marketing, mental health, and more.

The first headline speakers for the Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival have just been announced and include some of dentistry’s most engaging and knowledgeable experts. The speaker line-up includes:

Steve Head – inspirational trainer, coach, and author, Steve will help bring some perspective to the situation in which dentistry finds itself. He will discuss how to ‘control the controllable’ and provide tips on how to manage the dental team through the return to work.

Lisa Bainham – is a practice manager and President of ADAM (Association of Dental Administrators and Managers) and has her finger on the pulse of what is happening on the ground. Lisa is a straight-talking and knowledgeable speaker who is able to offer advice and insight into how to manage the practice and team back to work within the confines of social distancing.

Andy McDougall – is a management accountant and coach with Spot-On Business Planning and is currently helping hundreds of his clients to navigate the financial challenges caused by COVID-19. As many practices face financial hardship, Andy will give sound, practical advice on how to return a practice to pre-lockdown levels of profit, quickly and effectively.

Barry Oulton – lead clinician at Hazelmere Dental and founder of The Confident Dentist, Barry is a supreme communicator. As a dentist himself, Barry is able to empathise and understand the difficulties facing the profession and will discuss helpful tips on how to communicate effectively with patients who may be reluctant to return to the treatment room.

Guy Meyers – Customer Success and Marketing Director at Software of Excellence, Guy will outline how the tools to ensure a contactless patient journey are already available. Guy will explain the practicalities of ensuring patients fill forms, check in remotely, and can have a contactless departure, all designed to ensure social distancing regulations can be followed.

Interactive communication is at the heart of the Bounceback Virtual Dental Festival and delegates will be invited to choose from the series of interactive webinars, share their personal experiences, and ask questions. There is also the chance to join a virtual networking social and Q&A with panellists at the end of the Tuesday.

Register now at and gain access to 8 hours of CPD content that will help you, your business, your team, and your patients plan for the ‘new normal’. #BounceBackDental