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BioHorizons presents international leaders in implant dentistry

Published: 7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM

Over the past few years, dentistry has experienced a tremendous development and health care innovations have changed the way in which dentistry is performed. 

As a result, education and training has become crucial to cope with new technologies, materials and treatment methods and deliver high-quality care. Therefore, BioHorizons continuously provides education tailored to the needs of dental professionals and has announced two upcoming courses featuring leaders in the implant field.

On Saturday, October 13, Professor Tiziano Testori, head of implant dentistry and oral rehabilitation at the University of Milan, will talk about ‘Immediate Loading: State of the Art’ in Dublin, Ireland. His lecture will increase knowledge on achieving the goal of an immediate loading protocol by reducing the number of surgical interventions, as well as shortening the time frame between surgery and prosthetic delivery, all without sacrificing implant success rates. It will also cover predictable clinical indications, contraindications to immediate loading and the pre-prosthetic diagnostic phase.

‘Communication-Based Implant Dentistry with Dr Lincoln Harris’ is scheduled for Thursday, October 18, in London. Lincoln Harris is a clinician in a private practice and will share his expertise and develop delegates’ understanding on how to communicate effectively with patients suitable for implant treatment.  He will challenge delegates’ thinking on how effective they really are at communicating with their patients and, throughout the day, delegates will improve their knowledge of deeper and more effective patient communication, how communication can reduce failure rates, effective planning for complex and simple cases and dealing with complications.

Further information and registration will be available via, email or call 01344 752560.