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Foundation of the European Society for Ceramic Implantology - ESCI

Published: 12/06/2018

Neutral, scientific, evidence-based and non-profit orientated – these are the cornerstones of the European Society for Ceramic Implantology (ESCI). Founded in November 2017 in Zurich Switzerland, the ESCI is now coming into the open after an intense preparation and organisation process.

Founding president, Jens Tartsch said, “The ESCI wishes to promote an evidence-based and scientifically sound use of ceramic dental implants. Moreover, we want to establish them as a useful supplement to titanium implants and as an extension of the treatment spectrum in daily dental implantology.”

Restorative dentistry using ceramic dental implants is currently one of the fastest growing, most research-intensive and most innovative areas in dentistry. Patients’ significantly increased interest in metal-free oral rehabilitation has certainly contributed to this. However, the many years of research and development of the material, the innovative surface designs and the range of restorative options, which have resulted in similar success rates as titanium, also play a significant role in making ceramic implants the most discussed area of dentistry.

The first scientific data are already available. These data have to be evaluated, correctly interpreted and classified for wider implementation of ceramic implants in daily implant practice. Remaining questions must be examined, discussed and answered based on pure evidence.

Based on science and evidence

An independent, non-profit scientific society is highly needed for dental practitioners, patients and all other committed parties, representing their interests and creating the acceptance of ceramic implants in the field of dental implantology. This independent task is one of the responsibilities of the ESCI.

Set up in broad and future-oriented way

The ESCIforms an active Europe-wide network within the framework of a dental society. It is an association of scientifically recognised, experienced and innovative experts, interested and motivated users from private practices and universities, as well as competent and quality-oriented manufacturers and research institutions. The companies Straumann Group, Camlog, Nobel Biocare, Z-Systems and Zeramex are already company partners of the ESCI.

The scientific advisory board of the ESCI will meet as the European Council for Ceramic Implantology at least once a year. This board advises the Executive Board of the ESCI and represents the scientific orientation of the society. The current appointed members of this board are Prof. Ralf Kohal (Germany), Prof. Jérôme Chevalier (France), Michael Gahlert (Germany), Prof. Mutlu Özcan (Switzerland), Prof. Corrado Piconi (Italy) and Curd Bollen (Netherlands).

The first annual congress – the "European Congress for Ceramic Implantology" - is expected to take place for the first time in 2019. Membership applications can be submitted immediately at , where you can also find more information about the ESCI.