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Online addiction course launches

Published: 07/06/2018

An online course and support system for dentists struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs has been set up by sobriety coach and founder of The Sober Advantage, Bunmi Aboaba.

The eight-week Kick Start Sobriety course is based on Bunmi’s own experience both as a dentist and of overcoming addiction. She employs a variety of techniques to help her clients, all of which she has used herself to help her gain her sobriety and remain sober for 10 years.

The course covers both the mental and physical aspects of addiction including motivational techniques, craving control, dealing with crises and ways of breaking routine. The Kick Start Sobriety course also includes full email support from Dr Aboaba.

Dr Paula Wells, consultant oncologist at Barts Hospital, said, “There is increasing awareness of alcohol and substance abuse in the medical profession where it is recognised that professionals find it difficult to reconcile their situation and seek help. The personalised mentorship and online programme offered by The Sober Advantage could transform the experience of professionals battling with addiction.”

For more information call 020 3950 3446, email or visit