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Winning across the board

Published: 02/08/2017

From products across the globe, the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards has revealed this year’s winners.

With international brands going head to head, the results are in with the Best

Baby/Toddler Product finalist going to Splat Magic Oral Care Foam, the winner in Best Baby

and Kids Toothpaste going to two of Splat's products: Splat Baby Natural Toothpaste Apple and Banana and Splat Junior Berry Cocktail Natural Toothpaste for Kids 6-11. Magnolia natural toothpaste received the Editor's Choice award.

Winning all-round, Splat's innovative approach to develop ethically and scientifically produced products is paying off. Every product created at Splat R&D laboratories aims to deliver the most effective solution a wide range of oral care issues.

With the world waking up to the idea of healthier options, Splat’s natural and safe to swallow baby toothpaste for total cavity protection is a must. Their Junior range helps to break the monotony of daily routine procedures with berry cocktail and bubble gum flavours to cheer up both the little ones and adults alike every time they brush their teeth.

The Beauty Shortlist’s founder, Fiona Klonarides, said, “Kids (and the Tooth Fairy) will love this brand. Splat’s innovative, naturally derived, strengthening, protective formulas put the fun back into one of the most important health rituals of our lifetime – brushing our teeth”

Fiona also added on Baby Apple Banana toothpaste, “Baby Toothpaste is natural and safe to swallow, Splat’s award-winning toothpaste soothes and strengthens even the most sensitive teeth and we liked the fun packaging and nice fruity taste (and loved the little finger toothbrush that came with it to brush baby teeth!)”

On our Junior Berry Cocktail for ages six-11 Fiona had the following to say: “Refreshingly fluoride-free (hurrah!) with natural actives and formulated to intensively strengthen teeth,

Splat’s Junior toothpaste comes in two tempting flavours including berry cocktail – the one our Mama & Baby Awards testers tried and loved”.

Fiona applauded Splat's Magic Care Oral Foam, saying, “A genius idea every kid should have in his or her school bag, Splat’s Magic Care Oral Foam contains plant actives, milk enzymes and natural anti-inflammatories to help reduce dental problems and freshen and protect teeth in between cleanings – we’ll be buying this again!”

Under ‘Eco and time-saving products for busy mums and mums-to-be’, Splat Magnolia whitening toothpaste was included as one of ‘The 2017 Editor's Choice Winners’. A Splat Special Magnolia toothpaste is 98 per cent natural and was created for the gentle whitening of sensitive teeth.

Praised by the Beauty Shortlist’s founder, Fiona Klonarides, who said, “98 per cent natural and – importantly – fluoride-free, we put this toothpaste to the test in the run up to our Mama & Baby Awards. Papaya enzymes break up plaque build-up while natural amino acids gently clean and it was clearly noticeable that teeth looked brighter and whiter in a matter of days”.