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Recognised qualifications more important than ever

Published: 28/07/2017

One of the UK’s leading dental academies has said that recognised postgraduate qualifications will be paramount to the industry in future years.

Tipton Training – founded by Professor Paul Tipton – believes that the challenges of modern dentistry require a move towards regulated qualifications.

Specifically, the academy thinks better organised programmes that deliver first-class education will produce better outcomes for dentists and their patients in the years ahead.

“It’s an exciting time to be a dentist. The field is one which continually moves with the times – which is why educational institutions must do the same,” explains Professor Paul Tipton.

“Dentistry is an industry which is becoming more competitive, which means dental professionals need to have qualifications that are universally recognised to move ahead in their career and increase income. Completing a postgraduate qualification on a national qualification framework is becoming necessary for dentists to raise their standards in the dental market.

“Quality of education remains key. There are many training organisations out there delivering postgraduate courses – but the quality of some of these courses is mixed, often with new inexperienced lecturers with little of no knowledge of reading and the techniques involved. Training is not about listing topics, but rather delivering educational content that increases the capabilities of dentists in a responsible, professional way.”

Tipton Training has been teaching ambitious dentists for over 26 years. Over 3,500 dentists have been taught to date. Senior management at Tipton Training have always insisted on knowledge sharing that can be used in practice. As such, the academy is one of the longest running dental training companies in the UK.

“Since our inception, we’ve always tried to ensure that we keep up with the pace of change. Even today we are working on restructuring our courses to ensure they add tangible value to dentists and patients – without losing the flexibility and accessibility that our courses offer.”

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