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Rapid growth across Western Europe

Published: 06/07/2017

Ethoss Regeneration Ltd has further expanded its reach in the global dental market after signing a series of new distribution and partnership deals across Western Europe.

Following the launch of ethoss in 2015, the company has achieved rapid growth in the UK and internationally – with deals signed with partners in Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and France in recent weeks. 

Ethoss is an innovative synthetic bone graft solution for dental implants. The unique composition of ethoss, which has a built-in cell-occlusive barrier, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane, provides a highly stable graft and typically produces 50 per cent new bone after 12 weeks.  

Ethoss is a bi-phasic synthetic material made from a mixture of beta tri calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate and is completely free from animal or human content.  

The built-in membrane function prevents soft tissue ingress and helps to dramatically speed up healing times, by allowing the periosteum (and the related blood supply) direct contact with the graft site.  

This means surgical procedures can be completed much more quickly and reliably, benefitting both patient and dentist. 

The company had already established a foothold in the German and Greek markets and is seeing growth in both countries. 

Many of the new international relationships have come as a result of a successful exhibition at the IDS trade fair in Cologne, Germany, at which ethoss exhibited on the UK Pavilion with assistance and funding from the government’s Department for International Trade. 

Paul Harrison, managing director of ethoss Regeneration, said, “As a company we are enjoying extraordinary levels of growth, which has been in large part due to our comprehensive export strategy.  

“Whilst we have established significant market share in the UK, the country only accounts for around two per cent of the total European market for dental grafting products, so expanding our international profile provides us with some really interesting opportunities. 

“Europe is a natural first choice for us as medical device regulation is harmonised across the EU, meaning we can quickly launch without having to seek separate approvals. 

“The feedback we continue to receive for ethoss – both anecdotally and clinically – gives us the confidence that it can make a genuine difference to both patients and clinicians across the world. 

“We are still relatively young as a company but we are excited to be taking this technology overseas and it is particularly encouraging to see growth in more established markets such as those in Western Europe.”