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Baby brush win

Published: 26/06/2017

Dedicated to developing and providing products that truly benefit the patient, Curaprox has announced it has won the Best Baby or Kids’ Toothbrush category at The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2017. 

Up against some stiff competition in what has been described as, “A record-breaking year for entries,” Curaprox’s tried, tested, critiqued and praised Easy Baby biofunctional toothbrush is officially considered by experts to be the best product on the market for developing mouths.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the design of the Easy Baby toothbrush, the adjunct was developed by dental science specialist Professor Adrian Lussi for use in infants of up to four years old. One of its many features is the compact, soft rubberised head, which ensures that parents can reach all areas of their infant’s mouth both effectively and safely, without the danger of inflicting injury to the oral mucosa. With the added benefit of a rounded handle to encourage children at the upper end of the suggested age scale to hold and use the toothbrush correctly, as well as prevent excessive pressure being applied, the Easy Baby toothbrush is truly a first class product.

When you combine these elements together, along with the use of Curaprox’s famous Curenbristles, which are incredibly fine and gentle on the mouth, it is clear that the accolade from The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards is well deserved.

There are a number of other products available within the Curaprox Baby range, all of which have been created in collaboration with orthodontists and specialists to give infants and young children the best possible start in maintaining their oral health. The Curababy teething ring, for instance, is available in both pink and blue for infants 0-24 months, and is perfect for reducing pain in teething babies, not to mention ideal for preparing babies for their first toothbrush. Then there’s the Curaprox soother, designed to prevent malocclusion and the development of an abnormally high arch through the use of side wings and a flat tip. There are three sizes available – size 0 for 0-7 months, size 1 for 7-18 months and size 2 for 18-36 months.

There can be no doubt that the Curaprox Baby range will prove to be highly beneficial to infants’ oral health. If you’d like to offer your patients the award- winning Easy Baby toothbrush or one of the other products available, get in touch with Curaprox today.

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