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A chance to double whitening case volume

Published: 18/05/2017

On May 12, a joint announcement was made of a collaboration between Philips Oral Healthcare and the MiSmile Network.

Two years ago, MiSmile established a collaborative relationship with Align Technology and now runs an umbrella organisation of more than 50 independent general dental practices which focus on providing Invisalign treatment. It asserts that within one year of joining the network, dental practices can double their treatment case load. Now, this highly successful business model is being replicated to create a Zoom tooth whitening network, confidently offering dental practices the means to double their tooth whitening case volume. 

The MiSmile Network was formed, led and mentored by Sandeep Kumar, one of only a handful of dentists in the UK to have performed in excess of 3,000 Invisalign treatments; collectively as a network nearly 10,000 Invisalign cases have been completed. It is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent GDP networks specialising in practice growth.

One of the reasons for its business success is that Invisalign is frequently requested by patients. The same is true of Philips Zoom, partly due to a targeted direct-to-consumer marketing campaign and partly due to the clinical efficacy of the treatments. With Philips’ three tiered treatment portfolio there is an affordable and effective treatment for each patient – from entry level Quick White Pro, through to the gold standard home whitening duo of DayWhite and NiteWhite and Philips in-chair, light-activated whitening system for patients who want immediate results. 

Perfect alignment

The alliance with Philips to create a tooth whitening network makes complete business sense for both organisations. Research has shown that the two dental treatments patients most actively requested are straightening and whitening. The MiSmile Network has already proved the model for tooth straightening and is now applying this model to whitening. For practices which don’t already offer whitening in practice it offers access to a new revenue stream which creates an opportunity for new practice growth. For those that do, the MiSmile Network offers a bespoke lead generation programme which directs qualified leads directly to the practice in an exclusive, ring-fenced geographical area. 

Other benefits include practice-wide access to a dental specific lead nurturing platform called DenGo which helps to nurture and convert these enquiries into cases and turn them into long term patients. It also provides online and offline marketing tools to help the practice promote Zoom whitening to new and existing patients. Network meetings, support, training and mentoring programmes help the practice principal and team on an ongoing basis.

The white choice

Zaki Kanaan, past chair of The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, is a long-time Zoom whitening advocate. He commented, “Zoom is a premium product, like everything else Philips does. It’s a respected brand which is a worldwide market leader. It’s very competitively priced and predictable, and with more and more whitening products around, I know what I am getting with Philips. One thing is for sure; professionally applied whitening is a ‘must have’ option. If you don’t offer it, patients will find someone else nearby who does. After 25 years of teeth whitening, Zoom is the one people ask for by name – there is a reason for this.”

Sandeep Kumar of the MiSmile Network concurs, “I have been using Zoom whitening in my practices as I have to believe wholeheartedly in a treatment both clinically and from a business perspective. The fact that it is the number one professional whitening treatment and is most frequently asked for by patients is key. In addition to its brand recognition however, it is the only professional treatment which doesn’t increase tooth sensitivity; the brand portfolio has breadth meaning that I have a number of treatment options to offer patients depending on their needs, pockets and lifestyles and, because it is the only brand which requires no refrigeration, it is easier to stock in practice. All of these factors make it highly attractive to both practice and patient alike.

“I would like to help other practice principals apply the learnings I have gained both with Invisalign and with Zoom to double their tooth whitening case volume. I am putting out a personal invitation to become one of the first to join the Zoom Whitening Network and benefit from the opportunities for future practice growth in an enticingly new way, which is entirely proven!”

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