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Lecture on dentine hypersensitivity

Published: 08/05/2017

David Gillam, clinical senior lecturer in periodontology at the Dental Institute, Queen Mary University of London, will present a one hour lecture on the diagnosis, treatment and management of dentine hypersensitivity. 

The lecture will take place in The Perio lounge at The Dentistry Show at 13:30 on Saturday, May 13.

In addition, David will be giving shorter reviews about managing dentine sensitivity on the Trycare stand E40 at 9:30 and again at 11:00 on Saturday, May 13.

In his main lecture, David Gillam, a specialist in periodontology and recognised expert on dentine hypersensitivity, will highlight recent guidelines regarding the management of dentine hypersensitivity.

“I will explain the importance of working towards a joint management strategy involving both the dental professional and patient to understand the potential impact dentine hypersensitivity has on a patient’s day to day activities,” explained David Gillam. “The steps to be taken to make changes in the patient’s behaviour will also be covered.”

Biomin Technologies, which is sponsoring the lecture, launched its toothpaste ingredient, which puts back the lost minerals from tooth enamel and helps prevent decay and treats sensitivity while you sleep, in London 12 months ago.

Toothpastes with the BioMin ingredient are now selling in the UK and across a number of other countries and licensing agreements are being negotiated and are currently in place in India, China, the US and Australia. The company is also seeing interest from dental professionals, dental manufacturers and dental distributors from around the world.

Richard Whatley, chief executive at BioMin, said, “This is a very exciting time for us as the technology behind BioMin can also be incorporated in other professionally applied dental products such as cleaning and polishing pastes, varnishes and remineralising filling materials. With so many opportunities still open for BioMin, I look forward to discussing these with visitors to the Trycare stand E40 at The Dentistry Show.”