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New global brand identity

Published: 08/05/2017

Align Technology, Inc. has announced a new global brand identity and advertising campaign for the Invisalign brand.

It`s the company's first integrated campaign designed to assert the unique strengths of the Invisalign brand and product, as well as to reinforce Align's commitment to establishing clear aligner therapy as the alternative to traditional braces – the  choice that over four million patients have already made.

The Invisalign ‘Made to move’ brand campaign focuses on the innate desire that all people have to move forward and to advance in life, and highlights the powerful role a smile can play in every aspect of life – from professional to social. The new brand identity and campaign was designed to create strong emotional connections with audiences around the world while also bringing Align's digital technology to life in a way that is meaningful to both Invisalign providers and consumers alike.

Raphael Pascaud, chief marketing officer at Align Technology, said, "Our decision to make an investment in unifying brand communications globally reflects the consistent themes and benefits we see across all customers and potential patients worldwide. As a brand, we are about more than just moving teeth. We are about transforming lives and moving our entire industry forward."

The new brand launches first in the UK, with an integrated media, PR, social and in-practice campaign. It will then be rolled-out to other European markets over the coming months.

The company’s goal is to create a seamless brand experience wherever the Invisalign brand is encountered across the globe, and create a much broader, deeper awareness of the benefits of treatment with Invisalign clear aligners

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