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New partnership

Published: 04/05/2017

Zimmer Biomet, a global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare, has announced the distribution of NovaBone Dental Putty in over 40 countries within the Middle East, Africa (except South Africa), Latin America, Asia Pacific and select markets in Europe (except Italy and France).

NovaBone is a fully synthetic bone graft engineered for enhanced handling and improved performance. In addition to being osteoconductive, the calcium phosphosilicate particles within the product’s formulation promote osteostimulation. NovaBone putty has over 20 years of clinical efficacy documented by more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. 

NovaBone Dental Putty offers a unique consistency, with no mixing or thawing required prior to placement. The putty adapts to the defect surface, allows uniform surface contact with the bony walls of the defect and eliminates over-condensation or under-condensation of the graft material. In addition, the product does not adhere to surgical gloves or instruments during manipulation. Precise, controlled application using the industry's first cartridge delivery system reduces waste and facilitates optimum defect fill.

Ziv Mazor, a professor and periodontist in Ra’anana, Isreal, said, “What caught my eye in the beginning was the special delivery system with the cartridges and I’ve been using this system ever since with very high satisfaction, mainly in my sinus cases.

“The crestal approach that I’ve been using lately is perfect with the NovaBone system and the clinical results and the histology that I get from all those cases is quite phenomenal.”

NovaBone Dental Putty is available in multiple delivery options, including pre-filled syringes and the cartridge delivery system with disposable, single-dose cartridges in 0.25cc and 0.5cc. The diameter of the cannula is 2.8mm (inner) and 3.0mm (outer), which aims to be ideal for dispensing the graft – especially in minimally invasive techniques such as gaps in immediate implant placement and crestal approach sinus lift procedures.

Brett Deaver, vice president of global marketing and education at Zimmer Biomet Dental, commented, “Our new partnership with NovaBone Products LLC will enable us to provide new and advanced bone grafting solutions to our customers.

“The unique osteoconductive and osteostimulatory properties of the synthetic material, and the variety of delivery options, set NovaBone Dental Putty apart in the industry. It also complements very well our existing brands in the allograft and xenograft space.”

Art Wotiz, president of NovaBone Products LLC, added, “NovaBone Products LLC is very excited to partner with Zimmer Biomet in a large number of dental markets. I have long believed that our technology and delivery systems will lead to great success.

“Now, with the power of Zimmer Biomet Dental’s sales and marketing teams, I am confident of strong growth of the NovaBone brand. The new relationship between NovaBone Products LLC and Zimmer Biomet is exclusive to dental. There is no relationship in place, or being considered, for the orthopaedic market.”