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50/50 partnership

Published: 27/04/2017

Simplyhealth has successfully signed another 50/50 dental practice partnership with Fox Dental Care based in St Austell, Cornwall.

With around 1,500 dental patients, many of whom are already covered by Simplyhealth’s Denplan dental plans, the partnership will support Fox Dental Care to further develop, grow and continue to serve its local community.

As part of an ongoing commitment to investment and innovation in the dental market, Simplyhealth’s partnership scheme offers dental practices the opportunity to enter into an equal partnership, ensuring that both partners have equal rights in the practices.

The partnership model has been designed to enable dentists to retain day-to-day clinical management with Simplyhealth providing support and expertise in business services, development and patient insights gained from their existing successful Denplan services as well as through helping over three million people with their everyday health needs across the group.

The model works well for practice owners looking for a smooth transition into retirement while wanting to retain responsibility for the day-to-day decisions and clinical delivery. They can retain the legacy they have built in the community but are able to realise the value of the practice and make the move into ownership less of a barrier for the new partner.

Romana Abdin, chief executive of Simplyhealth, added, “This is a true partnership that is for the benefit of Fox’s Dental Care, patients and Simplyhealth. We’re looking forward to working together as Simon approaches his retirement, growing the business and serving more patients. We want to work in partnership with more healthcare professionals so we can seize opportunities and overcome challenges together, while supporting more patients to make the most of life through better everyday health.”

Simon Fox, owner of Fox Dental Care, explains, “Selling a dental practice is an incredibly stressful and complex process, one that I was not looking forward to. However, the help and experience of the Simplyhealth team made the whole thing straightforward.  From first meetings right through to contract signing, I have felt relaxed and supported, which is the same as I have done during the last 25 plus years of working with them. In particular, having our dedicated Simplyhealth Business Development Executive, Harriet, always at the end of the phone, has really proved invaluable. Selling the business you've lovingly built up over 35 years to someone you trust and already have a great relationship with has certainly made things easier. I look forward to the coming years in partnership and to my eventual retirement.”