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New dental practice opens in Manchester city centre

Published: 27/04/2017

A new dental practice has opened in Manchester city centre to meet a growing demand for private and aesthetic dental services in the region. 

Based at The Fold Dentistry in the heart of the city, Alenik Advanced Dentistry has been established to offer Manchester’s patients a wider range of high-quality services.

Demand for private dental care is on the increase in the UK, with Brits spending estimated £3.35bon in 2016, compared to £2.75bn in 2012.

Aesthetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers and crowns, represents the largest area of growth for the industry. Expenditure has increased by 37 per cent in just four years, from £1.75bn in 2012, to £2.4bn in 2016.

“Private dentistry is becoming increasingly popular as many people face challenges with sourcing local, reliable dentists with the capacity to accept new patients,” explains Alexandros Nikolaou, owner and founder of Alenik Advanced Dentistry.

“Consumers have more buying power and choice than ever and the same applies to healthcare. More and more patients are turning to private dentistry and are willing to pay for quality assurance, a wider range of treatment options and a more personalised level of care.

“The objective of Alenik Advanced Dentistry is to meet these needs by offering a portfolio of high-quality, competitively-priced dental treatments. Our city centre location also means we are accessible for patients coming from Greater Manchester, Cheshire and beyond.

“I’m incredibly pleased to launch Alenik Advanced Dentistry. We have high hopes for its success and growth in the coming months and years as the UK private dental sector continues to flourish.”

Alenik Advanced Dentistry was officially opened with an event at the Fold, which included catering by Bake-O-Rama/MilkJam and an after-party at the nearby Liquorice Cocktail Lounge.

The dental practice also partnered with non-profit organisation Dentaid on the night to host a prize draw and generate equipment donations for the foundation.