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Gaining traction

Published: 21/04/2017

Align Technology’s latest aesthetic teeth straightening product designed specifically for general dentists– Invisalign Go –is gaining considerable traction in the profession.

This new, simplified approach to teeth straightening takes GDPs through identifying, planning and monitoring aesthetic cases, enabling them to use Invisalign to treat patients confidently right from the get go.


Feedback from some of the first GDPs to embark on the Invisalign Go programme illustrates that they have been able to start treating patients immediately after their initial sessions using a blend of skills conferred on them by Aligner Consulting. They also continue to draw on continued support and mentoring in the ensuing months which adds to their confidence and their skill set. 


According to early adopters the primary benefits of the new system include:

  • “The way it helped build my confidence and jump straight in to treating with Invisalign”
  • “The best thing about the training is getting introduced to the amazing Invisalign and the support we can get”
  • “I can get started straight away”
  • "A fabulous and entertaining course, brilliantly led by Raman Aulakh. He puts enjoyment back into learning. The course was full of encouragement. Wondering why I didn't do it sooner!"


Align Technology is working with Raman Aulakh and Barry Buckley, who are amongst the most respected names in Invisalign training, to help general dentists new to the Invisalign system get up and running with a fresh approach to aesthetic teeth straightening immediately.

The Aligner Consulting programme they run for GDPs, which features a parallel session for staff members, are held several times a month country-wide. Those who join their coaching programme benefit from a blended learning approach to Invisalign accreditation which combines an online component with an in-person training day, featuring lectures and hands-on training. The programme has been specifically created to help develop new skills which will help GDPs extend their practices to treat patients with the much-requested Invisalign system. To do so, each participant is invited to bring along a practice staff member – at no extra cost – as the programme is also designed to provide their team with the aptitude and impetus to promote the treatment with fluency and confidence.

Ongoing mentorship and support included

However the initial course is just the start of the process. The aim of the programme is to give GDPs sufficient confidence and skills to treat patients with Invisalign as soon as possible. As part of the package, each delegate is given mentorship by Raman Aulakh and Barry Buckley, access to a dedicated Invisalign forum and ongoing support. They are also encouraged to join the Aligner Consulting’s online community and tap into expert training, coaching and guidance for those new to the Invisalign system.

Align Technology has ensured high demand can be catered for by holding multiple training courses across the country. To book please