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Health and wellbeing for dental professionals, practices and patients

Published: 03/03/2017

A brand new online platform has launched in dentistry to provide advice and support surrounding the health and wellbeing of clinicians, practices and patients alike. 

Geared towards giving the profession access to person-centred care, www.livelife.dentaloffersguidance and support through a mix of articles and video content. Information on techniques, events, activities and associations, combined with stories from dental professionals sharing real-life experiences, are just a few of the resources you can expect via the online portal.

Divided into three areas: ‘Wellbeing for you’, ‘Wellbeing for your practice’ and ‘Wellbeing for your patients’, purposely aims to increase career enjoyment and practice productivity, whilst considering the patients’ comfort and welfare.

Founder and dentist, Stephen Selwyn, commented, “The website has been specifically developed to address and encourage conversation about the key health and wellbeing issues affecting the industry. We hope to combat issues such as stress in the workplace, musculo-skeletal discomfort and nervous patients, whilst offering practice-building tips to help run a healthy, more dynamic practice.”

With the launch of, dental professionals now have an online platform with which to engage and interact, providing the answers to frequently asked questions like, “How can I promote my practice as a friendly environment?” And less common ones, such as, “How can I eliminate the costs and frustration of lost burs?”

The wellbeing of dentistry is about ensuring that you, your practice and your patients’ welfare are working in complete harmony. A quick visit to www.livelife.dentalto see the latest hints, tips and techniques could help achieve this essential synergy within your practice.

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