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BDA – “Help us make regulation work for the profession”

Published: 03/03/2017

The British Dental Association (BDA) has launched a wide-ranging consultation on what the profession wants from regulation, with a pledge to push for a system that works for dentists and patients.

Securing decent regulation has emerged as the profession’s top priority, following analysis of the most extensive member research the BDA has undertaken in decades. Ninety-eight per cent of respondents to the 2016 survey stated regulation was a key priority – ahead of every other policy issue including the NHS contract and earnings.

The BDA has committed to using member feedback to guide its engagement with health ministers who are widely expected to outline major reform of regulation – including the possibility of a health ‘super regulator’ – and with the GDC who are seeking feedback on their plans for the years ahead.

Mick Armstrong, chair of the BDA, said, “The failures at our regulator now rank as the single biggest challenge facing the profession. With the Government considering seismic changes to health regulation and the GDC busy trying to justify its own existence, we are determined to put our members in the driving seat. 

“BDA members have told us to make reform our top priority. Dentists have had to contend with the most expensive and least effective health regulator in Britain and we know our patients and this profession deserve better.

“Last week the GDC chose to reappoint a chair who has almost singlehandedly demolished professional confidence in regulation. We will not let this missed opportunity distract us. Change is coming, and with our members’ help we can win the argument for a regulator that really understands dentists and dentistry.”