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The power of three

Published: 28/02/2017

When placing a composite class II restoration, one of the key challenges is to achieve excellent adaptation.

Dentsply Sirona is addressing this issue with three innovative products designed to work together to provide superior adaptation at every stage of the restorative process:

  • Palodent V3 is a sectional matrix system that adapts to the natural contour of the tooth, providing predictable and accurate contacts and a tight marginal seal with minimal flash and fast finishing.
  • SDR Smart Dentine Replacement is a bulk fill composite that fully adapts to the cavity floor and matrix band. Its flowability and self-levelling properties reduce the occurrence of voids and bubbles, lessening the possibility of post-operative sensitivity.
  • ceram.x universal is a nano-ceramic composite used to finish the restoration. It fully adapts to the cavity and the SDR layer beneath it, while simplifying shade matching and finishing, creating long-lasting aesthetic restorations.


Each of these products alone offers convenience, handling and performance. Used together, they complement each another and provide a complete and adaptable class II solution.

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